Group Finance Director at Global Experience Specialists

by Paul McKenna

We had originally decided to use the power of the world wide web to find a successor for our soon to be retired Group Health & Safety Manager, which we did i.e. not a recruitment expert in sight. We got princes, princesses and even some frogs. We even drew up a short-list but on their day neither finalist delivered so it was Plan B.

In short this was a Google search for a specialist H&S Recruitment agency based in or as close to Coventry. I wanted that local market knowledge and not some faceless Corporate. This unearthed two Birmingham agencies and on a grey Friday afternoon I pinged the same enquiry email to both potential.

Before the afternoon was out Philip had made contact and we made arrangement for an interview first thing on the Monday morning and the rest is history. Philip took me through what HSE Recruitment do and it fitted perfectly with what I was l looking for i.e. a tailored local search.

Two weeks later we conducted the first interviews and all candidate had much to offer and we had the difficult shortlist decision. Early the next week we had the two final interviews, slept on our decision and made an offer that was verbally accepted the same day.

So the elapsed time from start to finish in terms of working days… an astonishing 17 days ! Philip did a great job of taking me from start to finish and keeping me warmed up throughout. No puffy promises just gritty realism of what was out there and what we could expect for our budget.

So an absolute credit to HSE although he did get something wrong…our preferred candidate didn’t get a counter offer from her Employer. Philip had said that counter offers were currently quite prevalent but luckily for not for us. Philip did a great job and isn’t just a recruitment consultant in a suit.

He has a great personality and as a buyer of services I want to spend the budget with people I like, even if I did try and do it on the mega cheap before involving Philip and HSE, more fool me!"

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