Some of the most serious safety breaches in the galaxy…..

by Laura Aucott

For all the nerds and geeks out there (and we count ourselves among them) – we thought we would celebrate Star Wars day with a round up of some of the more glaringly obvious safety issues in the Star Wars world.


Number 1 - The lightsaber

Clearly one of the more iconic things from the Star Wars world, the lightsaber is a dangerous piece of kit that has definitely never been risk assessed. Let’s just look at the fact that not one, but two major characters experience loss of limb via the super hot plasma blades – Darth Vader should be expecting a visit from the HSE any minute!


Number 2 - The trash compactor

Whilst trying to rescue Princess Leia, Han and Luke are trapped by stormtroopers and end up escaping into a giant trash compactor. Ok – we get it, your life was on the line but surely the decision to clamber inside a machine designed to crush things is highly irresponsible. And don’t get me started on the issue of guarding!


Number 3 - The Trench run

Now, we don’t want to tell Darth Vader how to run his empire but surely if there is a weak part of your ship that can result in it blowing up (losing over a million lives in the process) then that area should be better protected! (there’s that guarding issue again!)


Number 4 - Working at height/fall protection

Let’s look at the Cargo skiffs, essentially floating platforms able to exceed 250 km per hour if necessary. Ok, there was some edge protection, but it was definitely incomplete with gaps more than large enough for a pilot to fall through, and absolutely no mention of seat belts or any type of harness can be found in any of the films (We challenge you to find one!) 

In fact, if we are talking about working at height, there are numerous dangerous examples throughout the timeline – including Boba Fett and his jet pack and Luke’s climatic show down with his (spoiler alert) father Darth Vader in the rigging of Cloud City.


Number 5 - Stormtroopers

Now no one can claim that a job as a stormtrooper is a safe career choice, with a good chance of longevity but they must have the highest fatality rate of any industry out there. From the million lives lost upon the Death Star, to the countless stormtroopers shot, and the too many dramatic falls to count, stormtrooper is a job that definitely should come with some danger money!


In conclusion – living in the Star wars galaxy is a dangerous choice, whether you are a member of the Dark Side or The Force, so maybe we should all be grateful for living in the UK where Health and Safety is at the forefront of our minds.

Have we missed any safety breaches? Let us know in the comments below :)

And remember... May the 4th be with you! 


Header Image credit: Jorge Figueroa on Flickr


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