How to achieve that promotion!

by Aisling Reid

Last night we held a fantastic joint event with the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and NEBOSH, all about how to achieve our career aspirations. This got me thinking not only about my own career but also about the candidates I speak to and represent on a daily basis.

Once you know where you want to be in 3, 5 or even 10 years’ time, how do you actually get there?

Whether you are in a business and trying to get an internal promotion or thinking about taking that step with a new business, it can often be hard to a) know what you need to do b) demonstrate your ability at that level. This is something that many candidates I speak to struggle to either articulate or showcase on their CV or at interview.

One of our speakers, Stephanie Camm, the new Head of Health and Safety at Unite Students, talked us through her own personal journey. Focusing on her promotion from Regional Health and Safety Manager to Interim Head of Health and Safety and ultimately how she secured the permanent position, I asked Stephanie ‘How did you prove that you were ready to take the Head of Health and Safety Position?’

In response she gave us these three pieces of advice


1. Understand what is expected of you in that role to get the promotion and go above and beyond that.

If you don’t know what is expected from the role; speak to your peers who are currently doing the role you aspire to, understand what it is that differentiates the two job levels and put yourself in a position to take on that added responsibility. Seeking out a mentor could be a really good option and as HSE Recruitment are partnering with IIRSM on their pilot mentoring scheme, we can help you with identifying someone suitable.

2. Get involved in projects across the business

This could be with HR, quality or operations, whatever is relevant to your business. It is important to show that you have wider business understanding and commercial acumen- this is really key the more senior you become.

3. Raise your profile in your organisation (and outside)

Doing point 1 and 2 will naturally raise your profile in the business, but engaging in wider company initiatives will prove you are making a conscious effort to step up.

Regarding raising your profile outside of the organisation- LinkedIn is the perfect platform to showcase your talent. Upload videos, power point presentations, training documents and ask your network for testimonials (they are as good as a reference). Make sure that you are engaging in intelligent and interesting content, attend events and network, and broaden your knowledge of health and safety as well as the industry you operate in.


Although the list of things you can do to take that next step is endless, hopefully these three top tips should start your journey and help you take those next steps!

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