Guest blog - what is a risk assessment and why do we do them?

by Laura Aucott

As part of the steering committee for Next Generation HSE, as well as a member of the Health and Safety for Beginners Group (amongst others) I am passionate about not only helping progress the careers of stellar and established Safety professionals, but also helping those looking to get into this fantastic industry.

With that in mind, we approached Darran Rogers from DDR Consultants to give us an overview of a risk assessment. Check out our guest blog from Darran below;

Risk Assessments - what do I need to know?

As an employer (or safety employee) you have a responsibility to ensure that your workplace is safe for anyone entering. A risk assessment is essential in creating a safe working environment by pointing out any potential hazards, deciding what can be done to prevent them and then implementation to remove the risks.

Risk assessments help you to ensure that all aspects of health and safety requirements are met and maintained:
What could go wrong? If you have not performed risk assessments and put measurements in place to prevent risks, then you are responsible for any injury or accident which may take place. If an injury occurs due to health and safety not being met, then the employer may face crippling negligence fines.

Risk assessments help you to meet health and safety requirements by:

Preventing Occupational Risks

Preventing occupational risks is the direct result of risk assessments, if a risk is noticed a risk assessment should be ran meaning that it will be noted, a statement will be formed on how the risk can be avoided and then it will be put into place.

Highlighting Hazards

Risk assessments help to highlight hazards, by training staff to spot and alert bosses on risks allows them to be more informed on risks and how they can help prevent injury and risks in the future.

Health and Safety training

Risk assessments mean that individuals will be trained and educated on their workplace environment, how to avoid risks and other health and safety procedures.

Create a health and safety compliant culture

Giving staff risk assessment training will demonstrate your commitment to keeping your employees safe and protected relaying a message for them to look after themselves and their colleagues by maintaining the health and safety standard.

By following these steps, you can help limit the potential for accidents and create a much more safety positive outlook for you and your staff.

For more information you can contact Darran by emailing - or get in touch with HSE Recruitment to help support your needs by contacting
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