My Day in the life of a HSE Professional

by Charlotte Stokes

Last week I was on the phone to a candidate of mine and I told him “I won’t be in the office tomorrow, as I’m out on sites all day.” After a long pause he replied “But I thought you were a recruiter!?…

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HSE Leaders Connect - Sentencing Guidelines

What better way to ease ourselves into a very cold and wet January than to hold the first HSE Leaders Connect Event of the year?

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Is EHS a Destination?

by Laura Cleaver

Recently HSE Recruitment made the journey to Gatwick Airport – alas not for a long overdue holiday – but to speak with Gatwick’s EHS Director Steve Howells who leads the airport’s stellar Environmenta…

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Hiring Safety

by Laura Aucott

As someone who has been in Health and Safety Recruitment for 7 years – I can categorically say that recruitment within the industry has never been more competitive.

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Is offence the best form of defence?

by Aisling Reid

The next stop on the HSE Recruitment’s safety road trip was Salisbury where our destination, perched on a hill just a stone throw from Stonehenge (mind the pun), was Chemring Countermeasures.

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The (Virtual) reality of Safety at Thames Water– using VR to manage ER

by Laura Aucott

I think it is fair to say that the safety world has been accused in the past of being slow to embrace technology, but this is categorically not the case at Thames Water, the subject of our latest Safe…

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HSE Leaders Connect: Brexit - What does the future hold?

HSE Leaders Connect has seen great success this year and has earned its place at the centre of the HSE networking community, inviting established industry professionals to thought provoking events.

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Should we still be focusing on sector experience?

by Aisling Reid

Let me paint you a picture.... CV’s that look good on paper are what we strive towards, they are the holy grail of recruitment; that perfect shiny shortlist you dreamt of has come together perfectly.

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