The Perfect CV Tips

Your CV should be...

  • Simple, easy to read format
  • Accurate: dates, contact details, information
  • Written in the first person
  • Concise
  • Has an engaging ‘Personal Summary’
  • Uses “positive language” & “active language”
  • “I” not “we”
  • Information is easy to find e.g. section headings
  • CV is adapted for each application
  • Proof read
  • Honest
  • Avoids (unnecessary) tables & graphs
  • Professional contact email address
  • No clichés


TIP: Imagine yourself on the receiving end of your CV – as a busy hiring manager or decision-maker – and give yourself 30 seconds to review it. Try using different measures: the reality is some place great value on the personal overview, others tick off the qualification requirements first, others go straight to job titles and companies worked for. Is this information easy to find and would you pass the ‘first sift’ in any/all of these scenarios?
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